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The Montado do Freixo do Meio is located near the village of Foros de Vale de Figueira, on the border between the Upper Alentejo and Ribatejo, near Montemor-o-Novo.


Herdade do Freixo do Meio
7050-705 Foros de Vale Figueira



Google Maps - https://goo.gl/maps/njxu5zkhbyafyXkW8

Como chegar

By Car

From the North Shore:

  • Take A2/IP7
  • Continue until A6/IP7
  • Keep at left to continue in A6
  • Take the exit 3 to N114 towards Coruche
  • Continue along the N114 to your destination
  • At the entrance of Foros de Vale Figueira village, turn left towards Street Caminho do Futuro
  • Continue straight to the Herdade

By public transport:

  • Train from Entrecampos to Vendas Novas (± 1h)
  • Take a taxi or uber to the Herdade (±30 min)
  • Rede Expresso bus from Sete Rios to Montemor-o-Novo (± 1h15)
  • Take a taxi or uber to the Herdade (±20 min)


Carpool Connection

If you want to share a ridewith someone for the Herb Fest, please fill in this form:


This form is to help those who come to the 2023 Herb Fest Portugal event and want to carpool to connect with each other.

  • Proof of registration,
  • suitable clothing for outdoor activities,
  • mat for sitting or lying down outdoors
  • a blanket,
  • bottle of water,
  • notebook 
  • pen/colour pencils,
  • cloth bag or basket for taking plant samples.

You can register for the 3-day ticket and attend the full festival, for 225 euros (until 31 March).

Children (4 - 15 years) - 112.50€
  • It includes entrance to the event and all activities, vegetarian meals from lunch on April 29 until lunch on May 1.
  • You can also choose camping accommodation free of charge (tent not included).
  • Ou alojamento em quarto partilhado na Herdade, por um valor extra de 32€. Adultos - 257€ | Crianças - 144.50€

From 1 April, Early Bird ends and the values will be Adults - 250 euros | Children - 125 euros.

Or you can buy the day ticket and attend on the day of your choice.

  • On 29th and 30th is included Entrance to the event and all activities + Lunch + Dinner for 93€/day.
  • Children 4-15 years - 49 euros/day
  • On 3rd day, 1st May is included Entrance to the event and all activities + Lunch for 83€/day
  • Children 4-15 years - 42 euros/day

From 1 April, Early Bird ends and the values will be: Adults - €100 | Children - €52

eco-camping -eco-camping on the property: bring torch, warm clothes, tent and necessary equipment, bath towel.

- You can bring your van or motorhome, but we do not provide a power supply point. Come prepared.

- shared room at Herdade do Freixo do Meio (few vacancies) 

- - in a room or a rented house nearby.

Herdade do Barrocal de Baixo

 7050 Foros de Vale de Figueira

Phone266 092 753


Hotel da Ameira

Herdade da Ameira

7054-909 Montemor-o-Novo

Phone266 898 240



Monte dos Arneiros

Monte dos Arneiros
7050-484 Lavre

Mobile phone 926 749 033
Phone 265 894 254
Email monte@arneiros.com



What is on offer in the municipality



You must choose the option "3-day ticket - entry to the event + meals + camping accommodation" when you register.

On the first day of the Festival, you should arrive between 8am and 9.30am so that we can check you in properly.

Remember to bring your proof of registration (on your mobile or printed).

29 April: 9.30am - 10pm

30th April: 7am - 10pm

1st May: 7am - 6pm

There will be no tickets for sale on site. You must buy your ticket in the online shop. Tickets will be on sale until Sunday, April 23rd. 

In the Sunday Market Bazaar you can findá medicinal herbal products, live plants, seeds, cosmetics, handicrafts and fresh food.

Bring cash for possible purchases and have the option to pay by MbWay, as many of the producers may not have the option to pay by ATM.

We will not have WIFI available for participants. Let's connect with Nature and enjoy each other's company.

It is possible to charge your mobile phone in shared spaces.

On the 3-day ticket:

  • Saturday 29th April: lunch and dinner.
  • Sunday 30 April: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Monday 1st May: breakfast and lunch.


For the 1-day ticket:

  • Saturday 29th April: lunch and dinner.
  • Sunday 30th April: lunch and dinner.
  • Monday, 1st May: lunch.

We provide delicious vegetarian meals, made with organic, local and seasonal products.

If you cannot consume gluten, we will have options available, but you must let us know at least 5 days in advance. Send an email to info@herbfestportugal.pt.

Children are very welcome and we will have two daily activities for the little ones aged between 4 and 15. Tickets are half price. 

We ask that one of the adults accompanying the child is available to help in one of the activities during the festival.

Unfortunately it will not be possible to bring your pet as there are many farm animals on the property.

We have some places to welcome you early and to stay after the Festival is over as long as you are willing to help the organising team.

Feel free to write an e-mail to info@herbfestportugal.pt to book your stay before or after the festival.

Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

All registration fees paid by the client for a service are non-refundable, except:
-in the event of an event being cancelled by the company, the full deposit will be returned to the client;
-in case the client gives 7 days notice, the amount is 50% refundable.
-in the event of cancellation of the face-to-face event, due to recurrent international travel restrictions, the course will be held online and there will be no refund of the amount paid.

Payments are not transferable.

If an event takes place again in the future and you are interested in participating you can postpone your registration to this new date. Payment already made will be accepted and no further costs will be charged if given 7 days notice.


If you have a ticket to the Festival, your participation as a vendor in the Bazaar is free on the day of the Festival. However, you will have to write us an e-mail to confirm your participation:  info@herbfestportugal.pt

We still accept registrations to sell in the Bazaar, even for those not registered at the Festival. This participation has a cost of 25 euros/day and you must submit the request HERE:

There is a free reserved car park located a few metres from the venue.

We recommend that limit the valuables you bring and that you keep them with you at all times (and not left in your tent or room).

Do you have further questions?

Call or email us:

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