About Herb Fest Portugal

What is it?

A festival that brings together the knowledge Portuguese medicinal plants and celebrates the commitment of those who have been practicing and passing on that knowledge.

Uma oportunidade de nos conectarmos mais profunda e intimamente à flora do nosso país e conhecer os projectos sustentáveis e de medicina natural que muitos estão a gerar.

An enriching program of workshops for adults and children on herbal medicine, facilitated by experts from different botanical fields with a commitment to and respect for Mother Nature.


To unite people and projects in order to preserve, develop and transmit herbalism in Portugal,
as a therapeutic resource.

To connect public and therapists, curious people and teachers, symptoms and remedies, human beings and ecosystems.

Who is it for?

This event is for all those who hear the call of Nature in their lives and want to get closer and better acquainted with the magic of the plant world.

Ecologists, herbalists, naturopaths, cooks, hikers, gardeners, farmers, therapists, wise grandmothers, and children.

What do we offer?

The program includes:
- Caminhadas com identificação de plantas e sensibilização sobre os ecossistemas.
- Demonstrações de vários tipos de preparações herbais.
- Lectures on the medicinal properties of plants and home-based approaches to treating common ailments.
- Classes in plant-inspired art.
- Outdoor activities for children.
- Spring and Mayday celebration.
- Sharing of songs and herbal stories by the campfire.
- Medicinal plants, natural products and crafts market.

We have an excellence committee

The Committee is composed of lovers and practitioners of this world of Herbalism, with recognition and experience in various areas. 

With the overriding interest of preserving, developing and transmitting the
herbalism in Portugal, as a therapeutic resource.


Fernanda Botelho

Rita Rosa

Alfredo Sendim

Rita roquette

Maureen Robertson

Olivia Fite

where will be the festival

quinta do minhoto

Rua de Paçô nº 107
4820-421 Fornelos
Braga, Portugal


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